RX/TX Bargaining Update #5

1) Date-Bargaining session at UC San Diego May 21-23, 2008.

2) The UC Bargaining team canceled their appearance the day before bargaining was to commence. This was due to an expected AFSCME Strike. AFSCME and the University had previously reached impasse over their contract negotiations after 10 months of negotiating. The UC Chief Negotiator was called to Sacramento and has been handling both the UPTE & AFSCME negotiations. Due to UC’s last minute cancellation the UPTE Team was given the time to prepare proposals.

3) Members Speak Out-UPTE members that had planned on addressing the UC bargaining team gave their presentations to the UC “FAT CAT” that took their place. Their presentations were videotaped for presentation to UC at the next bargaining session. Computer Resource Specialists, Lab Mechanicians, and Recording Technicians made excellent presentations pointing out the wage disparities between their jobs and the market rates they lag so far behind.

4) The UPTE Bargaining Team was able to make good use of the time in preparing contract language for presentation at future sessions.

5) AFSCME announced a 2 day strike statewide for Wednesday, June 4th & Thursday, June 5th. The UPTE Bargaining Team will be honoring AFSCME’s picket lines and therefore has canceled the next scheduled bargaining session which was to take place at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

6) Future Sessions-Bargaining is coming to your campus soon: Irvine June 18-20 (Berkeley Place (BP) Building, and Merced July 9-11.

Submitted by the TX/RX Bargaining Team:

Kevin Rooney, UCSF, Chief Negotiator, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.

Arlene Schlosser, UCSD, RX-Staff Research Associate III

Bob Stevenson, UCSB, TX-Sr. Electronics Tech.

Dieskau Reed, UCSC, TX-Computer Operator

Juliana Emert, UCSD, TX-Animal Technician

Mercedes Garcia-Mohr, UCSD, HX-Clinical Social Worker III

Mike Ghafari, UCI, TX-Animal Technician


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