RX/TX Bargaining Update #6

1) Date-Bargaining session #6 at UC Irvine June 18-20, 2008.

2) The UC Bargaining team canceled two of the three days the teams were scheduled to meet. They were involved in trying to finalize an agreement with AFSCME. The teams met on Thursday of the planned three day session.

3) Members Speak Out-An Irvine Staff Research Associate (SRA) spoke about the problem of being misclassified during her career at UC. This was brought to her attention by UPTE, and she has been working with the local to be properly classified. Being misclassified brings with it, many negative effects. Besides suffering lower pay, it hampers career opportunities by not giving the person proper credit for the level of work performed. Scene technicians spoke from UCLA about the disparity between UC pay and the industry standards. The lack of shift differential for UC scene techs is also an irritant.

4) Our bargaining team discussed extending the contract in exchange for a written commitment that UC would no longer tie our wages to the state budget. This was flatly refused. Discussion surrounded the possibility of extending Compensatory Time Off (CTO) versus Overtime pay for certain job classifications, most of which are in theater departments. The team contacted several campuses, whose members would be affected by this issue. Feedback from members around the state overwhelmingly supported the team’s decision to not extend the contract. UC wasn’t interested in a limited extension; they wanted an extension of the whole contract. Not extending the contract pressures UC to negotiate a fair contract as soon as possible. We had many proposals to present to the university, but this was not possible since they were only available to meet one day.

5) Future Sessions-Bargaining is coming to your campus soon: Merced July 9-11, Santa Barbara July 23-25 (possibly adding 2 days, July 21 & 22); San Francisco August 6-8; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) September 9-12 (tentative); Santa Cruz September 17-19 (confirmed); Los Angeles October 8-10 (tentative); and Berkeley October 22-24 (tentative).

Submitted by the TX/RX Bargaining Team:

Kevin Rooney, UCSF, Chief Negotiator, TX-Sr. EH & S Technician
Arlene Schlosser, UCSD, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Bob Stevenson, UCSB, TX-Sr. Electronics Technician
Dieskau Reed, UCSC, TX-Computer Operator
Edgardo Vasquez, UCD, TX-Sr. Animal Technician
Juliana Emert, UCSD, TX-Animal Technician
Ling Morgan, UCI, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Mercedes Garcia-Mohr, UCSD, HX-Clinical Social Worker III
Mike Ghafari, UCI, TX-Animal Technician
Paul Haller, UCB, TX-Lab Assistant IV
Rita Kern, UCLA, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Vicky Barberini, UCSF, TX-Sr. EH & S Technichian
Victor Dorsett, LBNL, RX-Research Assistant
Zak Stelly-Riggs, UCD, TX-Sr. Scene Technician


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