RX/TX Bargaining Update #7

1) Date-Bargaining session at UC Merced July 9-11, 2008.

2) This was a historic session, as it was the first bargaining session to take place at the newest UC campus. UC was in attendance for all three days of this bargaining session. The Wednesday and Friday sessions were held at the Castle Facility in Atwater, CA, which is 16 miles (20 min.) from the Merced campus. The Thursday session was held at the Library building on the main campus of UC Merced. Although this session was held on campus, it was tarnished by the UPTE team being forced to move six (6) times during an eight (8) hour day. The team feels that this was deliberately orchestrated to hinder our ability to bargain at our newest UPTE local.

3) The local’s President, Brad Neily expressed his feelings that 2 years worth of positive, constructive labor/management relations have been severely undermined by the unprofessional treatment of the UPTE bargaining team.

4) A significant turnout of members addressed the teams with concerns about recruitment and retention, low compensation, maintaining good quality benefits, improving drug formularies, and the need for fair market wages.

5) Despite interference with the bargaining process, we were able to discuss 7 new proposals. Those proposals are: Art. 5-Campus/Lab Closure; Art. 14-Indemnification; Art. 15­Labor/Management Meetings; Art. 17-Leaves for Union Business; Art. 19-Management Rights; Art. 25-Nondiscrimination in Employment; and Art. 26-Out of Class Pay/Temporary Assignment.

6) UC proposed extending their right to distribute wage pool funds for promotion, reclassification and equities at LBNL. The lab’s fiscal year ends September 30th, and it wants the right to distribute money as if the contracts were not expired. The UPTE team will be consulting with local members and its leaders to determine whether or not to accept this proposal.

7) We’re excited to announce the addition of our newest team member, Ron Greene, Sr. Scene Technician at UCLA.

8) Future Sessions-Bargaining is coming to your campus soon: Santa Barbara July 21-25; San Francisco August 6-8; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) September 9-12; Santa Cruz September 17-19 (confirmed); Los Angeles October 1-3 (tentative); and Berkeley or Davis October 15-17 (tentative). Check with your local office or the UPTE website (http://www.upte.org) for location information.

Submitted by the TX/RX Bargaining Team:

Kevin Rooney, UCSF, Chief Negotiator, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.
Arlene Schlosser, UCSD, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Bob Stevenson, UCSB, TX-Sr. Electronics Tech.
Dieskau Reed, UCSC, TX-Computer Resource Specialist I
Edgardo Vasquez, UCD, TX-Sr. Animal Technician
Juliana Emert, UCSD, TX-Animal Technician
Ling Morgan, UCI, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Mercedes Garcia-Mohr, UCSD, HX-Clinical Social Worker III
Mike Ghafari, UCI, TX-Animal Technician

Paul Haller, UCB, TX-Lab Assistant IV
Rita Kern, UCLA, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Ron Greene, UCLA, TX-Sr. Scene Technician
Vicky Barberini, UCSF, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.
Victor Dorsett, LBNL, RX-Research Associate
Zak Stelly-Riggs, UCD, TX-Sr. Scene Tech.


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