TX/RX Bargaining Update #8


1) Date-Bargaining session at UC Santa Barbara July 21-25, 2008.

2) UPTE & UC met for a five-day session in an effort to make up for lost bargaining days due to stalled AFSCME contract negotiations.

3) A Sr. Construction Inspector addressed both teams to highlight the market pay differences between Santa Barbara and other UC campuses. While SB construction inspectors have 5 pay steps, the same titles at LA have twice as many. LA inspectors also make nearly $2,000 more per month doing the same work, as well as making nearly 20% more as a starting salary.

4) Several students representing the UC Student Association attended multiple sessions in support of UPTE demands. Lindsey Quock, UCSB student representing the UC Student Association attended several days. UCSA is interested in knowing what their student fees are spent on. She expressed the students support for UPTE & AFSCME members being paid fair market compensation.

5) About 2 dozen AFSCME workers attended our Thursday session to reinforce their commitment and solidarity with UPTE Union sisters & brothers. The UPTE Team expressed their concern that UC is not bargaining in good faith nor taking seriously AFSCME’s goal to provide living wages to their workers.

6) Proposals submitted at this session are: Art. 5-Campus/Lab Closure; Art. 14­Indemnification; Art. 15-Labor/Management Meetings; Art. 17-Leaves for Union Business; Art. 19-Management Rights; Art. 25-Nondiscrimination in Employment; and Art. 26-Out of Class Pay/Temporary Assignment.

7) Two more RFI’s -Reclassifications & Health Assessment Survey. We’re interested in finding out how long it takes for UC to conduct reclassification reviews. UPTE is interested in having some form of accountability built into the system. Kaiser & Healthnet recently mailed out medical survey requests. This goes against UPTE’s previously voiced opposition to solicit personal medical information from our members that can be used against them in the future.

8) Future Sessions-Bargaining is coming to your campus soon: San Francisco August 6-8; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) September 9-12; Santa Cruz September 17-19 (confirmed); Riverside October 1-3 (confirmed); and Davis October 15-17 (confirmed). Check with your local office or the UPTE website (http://www.upte.org) for location information.

Submitted by the TX/RX Bargaining Team:

Kevin Rooney, UCSF, Chief Negotiator, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.Arlene Schlosser, UCSD, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Bob Stevenson, UCSB, TX-Sr. Electronics Tech.
Dieskau Reed, UCSC, TX-Computer Resource Specialist I
Edgardo Vasquez, UCD, TX-Sr. Animal Technician
Juliana Emert, UCSD, TX-Animal Technician
Ling Morgan, UCI, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Mercedes Garcia-Mohr, UCSD, HX-Clinical Social Worker III
Mike Ghafari, UCI, TX-Animal Technician
Paul Haller, UCB, TX-Lab Assistant IV

Rita Kern, UCLA, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Ron Greene, UCLA, TX-Sr. Scene Technician
Vicky Barberini, UCSF, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.
Victor Dorsett, LBNL, RX-Research Associate
Zak Stelly-Riggs, UCD, TX-Sr. Scene Tech.


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