TX/RX Bargaining Update #10

TX/RX Bargaining Update #10

1)   Date-Bargaining session at UC Riverside Oct. 1-3, 2008.  

2)   Members score with a huge “PayDay”-During Thursday’s negotiations, a dozen UPTE Riverside members came by to ‘pay’ UPTE Bargaining Team members king-size ‘PayDay’ candy bars, and gave miniature ‘PayDay’ candy bars to UC bargaining team members.  This was done to illustrate how tired we are of getting near poverty wages compared to UC executives.  UC responded with appreciation as to our creative approach used to convey the message.       

3)   Compensatory Time Off (CTO)-At the end of September the UPTE Team offered to reinstate the option for accrual of compensatory time off.  We proposed to reinstate the provision for the months of Oct., Nov., and Dec.  UC rejected the offer saying that it was too administratively burdensome to implement.  UPTE requested that they reconsider.      

 4)   3 more articles were proposed: 6-Compensation, 33-Reasonable Accommodation, and 41-Transfer/Promotion/Reclassification.  Contact your local UPTE representative for details.  

5)   Previously submitted articles that were discussed at this session include: Articles 10-Grievance, 29-Performance Evaluation, 31-Positions/Appointments, and 40-Subcontracting.

6)   Benefits-UC gave a presentation by Deloitte & Touche with no significant changes to our healthcare plans coverage.  UC negotiated 2009 healthcare monthly premium rates with all providers which reflect increases in HMOs ranging from 7.3% – 11.2% for the average UPTE member.  They also presented new information about personal information being protected for future participation in health assessments by providers.  The “Stay Well” program which UPTE had previously opted out of is being offered again with personal information protection safeguards.  The team is evaluating this proposal.  Pressure from UPTE and coalition partners have forced this new development.

7)   Future Sessions-Bargaining is coming to your campus soon: Davis October 15-17, Los Angeles, Nov. 5-7, San Francisco Nov. 19-21, San Diego Dec. 3-5, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (tentative)  Dec. 15-17.  Check with your local office or the UPTE website (www.upte.org) for location information.  

Submitted by the TX/RX Bargaining Team:

Kevin Rooney, UCSF, Chief Negotiator, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.
Arlene Schlosser, UCSD, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Bob Stevenson, UCSB, TX-Sr. Electronics Tech.
Dieskau Reed, UCSC, TX-Computer Resource Specialist I
Edgardo Vasquez, UCD, TX-Sr. Animal Technician
Juliana Emert, UCSD, TX-Animal Technician
Ling Morgan, UCI, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Mercedes Garcia-Mohr, UCSD, HX-Clinical Social Worker III
Mike Ghafari, UCI, TX-Animal Technician
Rita Kern, UCLA, RX-Staff Research Associate III
Ron Greene, UCLA, TX-Sr. Scene TechnicianVicky Barberini, UCSF, TX-Sr. EH & S Tech.
Victor Dorsett, LBNL, RX-Research Associate 


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